Well then, Orakio. It looks like you are losing. That ball is long gone now that the roof is off.

You may have a point there. But, I still have my sword. *Points sword blade towards Rulakir*

So do I.

But I have one more thing.

What is it?

This *Presses the butt of the handle. A laser shoots out of the sword and at Rulakir, which hits him.*

Agh! Orakio, you fiend! *Starts to fall down* I will get my revenge. *Lays down, motionless.*

What? Rulakir is dead?

Then what am I fighting for? Lets go home, son.

Yes, father. *Flies away with Vegeta*

I am sorry I had to do it. But, as the old saying goes, 'Kentucky Fried Chicken, we do chicken right.'

*Voice* Now what kinda saying is that?

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