Out near control HQ, in a peaceful park.

Ah what a peaceful day. What do you think?

Not bad. Can you tell me why we are out here again, Agent 00?

Ah yes, well I though that I would talk about your relationship with your husband.

What about Maxim?

Ah, you see *looks up at the clouds*... Maxim is a whimp.

Yeah right. MAXIM!

*Just then, Maxim appears*

What is it, Selan?

He thinks you are a whimp.

He does? Well, feast your eyes on this! *Reaches for the Dual Blade, but notices it missing* Uh, I must have left it at home. Bye *Runs off with Selan*

I should know not to go for a married woman.

You should at that.

When did you come in?

I have been here.

Well, what is new?

Not much. There is a dinner going on at the HQ today. Wanna come?

How much does it cost?

1 dollar.

Too expensive. You don't get much on a Wal*Mart Salary. Maybe I should be a shoe salesman.

*Laughs histerically*

Very funny, Zero.

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(Chrono Trigger - Truce Village)