*At the HQ*

I wonder where Orak and Zero are? This dinner is great.

I dunno. But the babes are great *stares at a crossing female control agent*

Would you knock it off. Geeze it is hard enough without you having to stare at every woman that goes by.

You know I always help a woman in distress, and disdress, and datdress.

Then you might need this. *Hands Edgar a copy of Big 'Uns*

Hey! Big 'Uns. But why do I need it? I have all the woman I want?

*Silence fills the room, followed by laughter*

Real funny, Edgar.

Hey, I can prove it. *Sees a crossing female control agent* Hey, chick. How would you like to come with me to the casba?

*Slaps Edgar* Already been there. *Walks away*

Are you an idiot? That is Alis Landale. Heroine of Algo.

I know. *Sees another female control agent* Hey lady. How would you like to...

*Slaps Edgar* Do you go around flirting with every female control agent?

Wouldn't you like to know?

You are an idiot aren't you? That is Alys Bragwin. The 8th Stroke Warrior. She will kill you 5 times before you even hit the ground.

Really? And then what will she do?


You don't want to get married. Look what happened to me.

Oh my gosh! Do I really want that? Am I doomed to become a shoe...


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(Final Fantasy III - Cute Little Tozas)