*Just in, a new hero arrives*

Have no fear, Dekar is here.

Oh great, the fearless *rolls eyes* Dekar.

I fear nothing. *Sniffs the air, still foul from the shoe* Except that. Man, what kind of animal died here today?


Ah, shut up. I have an announcement, but I wish Orakio would get here. This concerns him.

*Walks in, with a closepin to his nose* Did somebody call?

Oh funny. My feet do not smell. They are fresh as a daisy.

I don't know about Daisy, but I am sure not liking the smell.

SHUT UP! Ok, now that Orakio is here, we can start out. Control Agents, hear me out. Not too long ago, we put a stop to SYCO and their evil ways. And we have Agents 00, 199, H9, Z2, and T15 to thank.

*The group is clueless as to who everybody is.*

Agent 00, Orakio. Agent 199, Tia. Agent H9, Sonic. Agent Z2, Zero. And Agent T15, Trunks.

*The group now understands*

Anyways, they helped put a stop to SYCO. The world is at peace for once in a long while. So, why don't we have a party?

Great idea, Chief.

Ayla like.

Gau like.

Since when did we allow wild people in control?

Ayla not wild. Ayla strong.

So is the chief, as we can still tell.

One more comment like that Orak, and it could be your last.

Sorry about that chief.

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