*In a unknown place. Secret men gather to reveal an evil plot*

It seems that Orakio has taken out his brother and destroyed the building. But we are not going to let that stop us. SYCO agents rejoyce! For I have found the ultimate way to destroy control.

What is it?

We must take out the toughest men. So, I give you Protoman!


I have reprogrammed Protoman to fight X. And then we have Forte.

Where is that Zero?

Forte will take out Zero.

So we get rid of X and Zero, both Reploids. Then what?

Dark Knight Cecil.


Someone to match Sonic's speed. Metal Sonic!


Atma Weapon, designed to take out any minor member.


Gades, Amon, and Erim.

They will all fall to the us Sinistrals.

What about Daos?

He will lead us into victory. But there is still one more man to defeat.


Orakio. But who to get to defeat him. Man, that is tough.

You idiot. Erim, get over here.

Yes sir?

Go to Paseo and retrieve Rulakir's soul. We will revive Rulakir and make him even stronger. Orakio will not know what hit him.

Right away, sir. *Disappears*

It seems that everyone has been taken care of. When the party begins tomorrow for the control agents, we will make our attack.

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(Lufia 2 - Daos' Theme)