*At the party, a day later*

Great party Chief!

It is all for you Orakio. You and the others who stopped SYCO.

Ah ah ah ah Stayin Alive, Stayin Alive!

Honestly Chief, you have great taste in music.

Really. Disco ROCK! And chicks dig a man who can disco.

Circuits overloading with the urge to disco. *does a Disco dance*

See. Disco does rock! The 70's will return someday.

Yeah, in about 70 years.

Maybe so, but too bad the Bee Gees will not live to see that day. The would have to be 100 plus years old.

And the best thing is, Peg and the children don't like Disco. So I am here alone.

Yay! What a great party. But what do we have for a beverage?

I took care of that. He should be coming soon.

*Just then, a black and red 1982 GMC custom van busts through the wall and out walks a large man carrying milk*

Ok sucka. Here is yo milk. *Drops milk on a table in front of the chief*

Thanks Mr. T. Help yourself and dance til you drop.

Not right now, foo'. Hannibal needs the van. I'll be back soon. *Enters the van and drives away*

I hope that milk is Oakhurst.

Nothing but.

Chief, you sure know how to throw a party.

Of course I do. Remember, I once scored 4 touchdowns in 1 game for Polk High

*Audiance Cheers*

Man, this day is soooo great. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

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The Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive