*Just then, a huge explosion rocks the HQ and a hole appears in the wall.*

Spoke too soon.

What now!

Ah. We have arrived.

Daos. What are you doing here?

I have come to tell you guys the SYCO has risen. And to prove our new power, I, the new Mr. Shorty, will provide your entertainment. First, lets start with you, Zero. FORTE!

Yes sir. Where is Zero? *Spots him and starts to attack*

Oh crap! I did not expect this. *Grabs his beam saber, which is then shot off by Forte* This is not good.

It is for me. *Attacks Zero*

Dark Knight Cecil!


Can anybody say... well, whatever it is you say when something happens all over again?

No. *Fights Paladin Cecil*

I thought not. *Fights Dark Knight Cecil*


I am here.

And so am I. *Shoots Protoman*

*Deflects it with his shield, then charges up a huge blast which hits X at full force*

This is not good.

Don't worry. They cannot beat my speed.

Oh yes we can. Metal Sonic!

*Runs in and starts pumbling Sonic*

Ow! Time to fight back *Attacks Metal Sonic*



Eep. Chief, get out of here!

I have called for reinforcements. Agents R0 and T15 will be here shortly.


We have arrived.

Ah, Orakio. Do not think I have forgotten you.

Good, I was starting to feel left out.

Don't worry, you aren't.

So, you have revived. You are still no match for me. *Is punched through a wall by Rulakir*

This time, it is my turn to will. *Attacks Orakio*

I came as soon as I could.

As did I. Say goodbye, Sinistrals.

*Attack Guy, Dekar, and Maxim*

*Attack Gades, Amon, and Erim*

*Could this be the end of Control? Will our heroes be destroyed by SYCO agents? Will the Chief have to go back selling Shoes?*

SHUT UP, stupid narrator.

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(Final Fantasy VII - Weapon Emerges)