*After a long fight, and a few casualties*

Hahahahaha! Control is no more! Everybody, back to the HQ! *Disappears along with everyone else from SYCO*

*Looks around and sees everybody on the floor, a few dead*

We have arrived.

Looks like not in time.

We could have used you. Atma was just too tough for the weaker members. You could have had him easily Ryu.

Sorry chief.

And Trunks. You should have been here sooner.

Sorry chief.

*Gets up.* Well... *cough* How bad is it?

*Gets up as well and dusts himself off*

Pretty bad. Zero has lost over 90% of his power. X lost about 99%. The sinistrals hammered Maxim, Guy, and Dekar. Metal Sonic beat up Sonic badly. And Atma really took a tole on everybody else. Agent K9 has been killed.

Not Kirby.

Sorry to say he has. How do you feel Orakio and Cecil?

Well, Rulakir was stronger, and did beat me up pretty good, but I feel fine.

I thought my Dark Knight form was weaker. Well, it was before, but explain now?

I guess we have to give up. There is no hope for control.

Don't say that chief.

This is not High School Football, Trunks. This is fantasy life, with the fantasy people. This world is doomed.

Chief. Is Professor Rune still alive?

He never even got scratched. He was in the Bio Lab.

I need to see him. Trunks, Ryu, and Cecil, go with me. I have a plan.

Are you sure that is wise?

We are down to 4 healthy people, excluding myself and Rune. Rune might know something.

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(Lunar: The Silver Star - Betrayal)