*At Professor Rune's lab*

Orakio, Ryu, Trunks, Cecil. You made it fine.

Barely. We need help. We are down to 4 members. Myself, Ryu, Trunks, and Cecil. What do you recommend?

A last will and testiment.

Funny. Rune you saved my life and the other's lives last time. We need your assistance.

Unfortunatly, Rulakir has grown immune to Lasers. And his power rates have shot through the roof. In order for you to defeat him, you have to have a power rate as high as Trunks.

But only us Saiyens have that ability. And I know father would not help us unless there was a price.

Well, a Super Saiyen is quite rare, but Rulakir has a power rate higher than yours Trunks. It is as though he has grown to become super as well.

Now that you mention it, Rulakir's hair color was red now.

You two are the last of the Orakian race. Maybe it is possible for you to power up your energy. But it just takes too long to learn.

It took me a long time to become a Super Saiyen.

Who has a power level as high as Rulakir then?

I know a person who has a power that high.

I know him as well. But lets analyze the competition. Lets start with Forte. He also has power to combine with his his dog and become like a Super Saiyen. Zero could not handle the kind of power, at least not without his beam saber, which was the first thing the Forte took out.

If we can fix up Zero, and make it so that the beam saber sticks to his hand, then Forte could be defeated.

Adding an adhisive to a Reploid is not a good thing. I will give him a 2nd beam saber, one hidden within his wrist. That will trick Forte good enough.

Then we have Protoman.

Get rid of his shield is all we can do. But lets fool them. Protoman is expecting X, but Sonic has Magnet Shoes. Metal Sonic is expecting Sonic, but X has a variety of weapons, as Sonic only has his speed. Why not disguise the two?

Good idea. They will not expect it.

Cecil. I don't know of a way you could defeat the Dark Knight. He sure is much stronger than you are now.

Don't you think I know that?

All I can say is maybe try to fool him like I did with Rulakir last time. It got him so mad, that I easily defeated him. That and the Flubber coated baseball helped.

Flubber! That is it! How about we coat Cecil with Flubber?

Try harder, Rune. I could still get hurt.

Alright then, I will make you a Flubber coated shield. When his sword hits it, it will go flying in the other direction.

Good idea. Then that would leave me open to attack him.

Ryu, you can handle Atma alright alone. Trunks and Orakio will take on the Sinistrals alone. Then that leaves this other man. But let me worry about him.

Alright, lets go.

Go where?



Do any of you know where the new SYCO HQ is?

Not really.


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(Phantasy Star IV - Thray)