*Back at the Chief's office*

So, has Rune helped you out any?

Somewhat, but we do not know where SYCO HQ is.

Orakio, get on your boot phone and contact Daos' telepathy.

*Takes off boot* Daos' telepathy? How do I do that?

Press the telepathy button on your boot.

Which button is that?

It is the one marked telepathy.

*Looks on it* Oh, there it is. So, what do you want me to tell him?

Invite him over to destroy the rest of control. He will do it too.

*Dial's Daos' telepathy (don't ask how) on his boot phone* Hello, Daos?

Daos: How did you get this unlisted number?

Nevermind. We want you to return to finish us off. Bring EVERYTHING YOU HAVE.

Daos: You must be joking. Do you want to die that easily?

Would you believe that we can win?

Daos: No.

Would you believe that this will all end up in a stalemate and we all go home?

Daos: No.

Well how about you winning?

Daos: Be right there.

Now it is time. Lets talk.

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(Lunar: The Silver Star - Lann)