Shouldn't we talk this over in the cone of silence?

You ain't suckering me into that, Orakio.

Oh, come on chief. Daos could still hear us.

Oh, alright. *Presses a button on the intercom* Selan, lower the cone of silence.

*The cone of silence lowers*

Now, this is what we are going to do first. First, have everyone evacuate the building.

*Looks at the chief blankly* What?


What was that chief?

This is as silly as me selling shoes.


*Presses intercome button* Selan, raise the cone of silence.

Selan: What?

Oh great. Now I am stuck in here.

No you aren't chief. Watch. *Takes out sword and tries to break the cone, but it doesn't work and a loud ringing noise goes into Orakio's and the Chief's head.* Sorry about that chief.


*The cone of silence raises*

About time. Now what?

Evacuate the building, wait for SYCO to enter, then ambush. Clear?



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(Super Mario RPG - Booster's Tower)