*Daos enters a vacant Control HQ*

Ok, you wanted us here. Where are you?

Orakio: Would you believe that we have all of our control agents surrounding this building?

NO! Where are you? Show yourself?

*Jumps down from the rafters*

You against all of us?

Look behind you.

*Turns around and sees Trunks standing there*

Look to your right.

*Turns to his right and sees Ryu standing there*

Look behind you.

*Turns around and sees Zero, X, Sonic, and Cecil standing there* You really think you can stop us?

I know we can.

Perhaps you have forgotten. Dark Knight Cecil, attack Cecil!

*Slashes at Cecil*

*Raises the Flubber coated shield. The Dark Sword hits the shield and flies over in the other direction, landing tip first on the floor.*

*Pulls the Dark Sword out.*

*Stares at Link*...



Uh, Link. I believe that that is the wrong sword.

Now you tell me. *Places the sword back in the floor and walks out*

*Takes the opportunity and slashes Dark Knight Cecil, killing it.*

D'oh! Forte! Attack!

With pleasure!

Come and get me. *Reaches for Beam Saber*

*Knocks beam saber out of Zero's hand*

Not good enough, Forte! *Quickly pulls out the 2nd beam saber and stabs Forte, causing a big explosion, destroying Forte.*

Again? Protoman! Kill X!

Not this time.

And why not?

Because of this! *Lifts up foot. Protoman's shield comes right to the foot. X grabs it*

What happened?

*Takes off suit and reveals self as...*

Itsa me, Sonic!

If you are Sonic, then you have no more attacks.

Maybe not, but I do! *Stabs Protoman with the beam saber, causing him to explode*

Grrrr. Metal Sonic! Get 'em!

*Attacks Sonic*

Not this time. *Pulls off a false arm and reveals a cannon.*

What? Is that X?

*Charges up a buster shot and fires it at Metal Sonic, destroying it*

What will it be now, Daos?



I'll handle this. *Transforms into...*

ROAR! *Battles it out with Atma*


Yes sir!


Piece of cake. Ready Trunks?

Ready! *With Orakio, battle the Sinistrals*


Yes sir?

Destroy Orakio!

With pleasure.

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(Phantasy Star IV - Meet Them Head On!