*Just then, another Super Saiyen flys in*

Am I late?

No Goku. You are just in time. Rulakir! Destroy Goku!

Grrrr. *Engages with Goku in a DBZ type battle*

I will smite you all. *Reaches for sword*

*Takes the opportunity to cast the ultimate destruction spell, Megid, on Gades*

*Burns in the extreme heat of Megid* I will return, Orakio! *Burns completely up*

Prepare to die! *Reaches for Trident*

*Takes the opportunity to fire a large Ki blast on Amon*

*Is incinerated by the Ki blast*

NOOOOOO!!! You will all perish! Where is Atma? Where is Rulakir?

KAMEHAMEHA! *Fires a huge Kamehameha Wave at Rulakir.*

Oh crap.

*Is disolved by the huge Kamehameha Wave.*


Atma, you lived! Attack Goku!

*Falls down dead*

You could not take down a worthless dragon? Then I will have to fight myself. Time to power up.

You will not escape this time, Daos.

You cannot defeat me, Maxim. You do not have the Dual Blade.

As I said once before, what do you think this is in my hand?


*Slashes Daos over and over a few hundred times.*

AH!!!! Once again, you have defeated me, Maxim, but you will never defeat...*Disappears*


Hahahaha! Now it is time to revive all of the SYCO members.

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(Lufia 2 - Sinistrals' Battle)