*Somewhere, in the middle of a strange desert*

Could you explain to me again, Trunks, why we are in the middle of a desert?

We need to get you training. You have always bragged on how you were the best fighter in control, now we are here to show that this is true, to bring out your true self and become a Super Orakian.

...yeah right Trunks.

You know, Goku and I are not always going to be here to fight your battles against Rulakir.

Why, what is going to happen to you?

*thud* Nothing, but... ah nevermind. Lets just get to the training.

Sorry, but I am already trained. I dropped the diapers when I was 1 1/2 years old.

*Hits Orak aside the head* Not that type of training! Man, now I see why the Chief gets frusterated with you. Now tell me, what is your best fighting strategy?

I take my really long black blade and slash that person a few hundred times.

Tell me something. Have you ever fought without your sword?

...not really...

A sword is very easy to give up. I gave mine up long ago.

This is not a secruity blanket we are talking about here. This is a weapon, and a strong one at that.

*thud* Why did I ever decide to train you? If it were my father, he would have vaporized you long ago.

You came because the Chief made you. He said and I quote, "It is either train Orakio or face the wrath of my shoes."

Can I change my mind?

A little late. So, where do we start?

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(Final Fantasy 6 - Cyan's Theme)