*At a control cookout, the Chief is frying fish in the kitchen, and burning beans on the grill.*

Ah, there is nothing like burnt beans to start you on a day of reading.

And just where do you do your reading?

Where a man has peace and quite from his nagging wife. To boldly go where no man has gone before. *raises finger in the air*

The bathroom?

You are a wise man, Locke.

More like a wise guy.

Ah shut up.

Do you ever wonder where Erim is? She did get away you know.

Ah, she will probably show up when we don't want her to. In the meantime, lets enjoy my fried fish and burnt beans. *Passes the plate around, and as usual, nobody grabs any of his fish or beans* Ah, you don't know what is good for you. What do you think, T?

I know what is good for me. And that is milk.

Milk? Hey that reminds me. We have a new control agent coming in today.


Yeah, tell us.

Can't right now. I... uh... have to go. *runs off to the nearest restroom, carrying a magazine with him*

What was he carrying with him?

Big 'Uns, I think. Why?

Expect him to be there a while.

*4 hours later*

Ah, there is nothing like...

Don't say it chief.

Ah, go sell some shoes, Zero!

What you talking about? *Grabs his beam saber*

No, what you talking about? *Takes off his shoe*

Ok, you win. *Puts his beam saber away* So when is this new guy suppost to be here?

Trunks and Orakio were suppost to pick him up after training.

Oh. Gee, I wonder who he could be?

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