*After a long day of training*

So, what did we learn today, Orak?

Uh... never play with fire, especially the extreme fire in Megid?

*Sirens of a Fire engine sound*

How you conjured up Megid is beyond me. It takes extreme anger to use that.


*Slaps his forehead* Maybe it is just Orakian blood.

Actually, to tell you the truth, I already knew the spell.

WHAT?! Then what are we training for?

Uh, because I need to become a Super Orakian? Is that it?

I don't know anymore. Well, lets go pick up this new Control Agent. I heard that he is a lot like Mr. T. He likes milk and wears gold around his neck.

It could be Booker T.

Tell me you did not just say that.... man that would be funny.


Well, lets go. *Flies off*

Wait for me. *Flies off, but how* Boot Wings/phone. Don't take off without them.

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(Final Fantasy II - Overworld)