*Meanwhile, somewhere else in the world*

Well, it seems that we have failed, yet again. But luckily, Erim escaped alive.

Do you want me to revive them all?

Just Forte and Rulakir. And give them the added power that he needs. They are the only ones we need for the more important ones. Goku will not last this time. And Forte can take out everybody else.

Yes sir. *Disappears*

Now, we need new recruits. Who do we have. *Looks at a short list on a piece of Note Paper* Well, we hit the bottom of the barrel. What do you think, Bowser?

We suck.

To put it mildly, yes we do. But this time, I will get involved.


I will go in and fight. No one can match my dark powers.

Well, whoever you fight will have a hard time. But, who will become Mr. Shorty? Rulakir and Daos were flops.

I am glad you asked. Come in, Mr. Evil

*From the shadows, walks a bald man with a gray overcoat.*

That's Dr. Evil! I didn't spend all those years at Evil Medical School to be called Mister.

*Is Dr. Evil really Mr. Shorty? Can Austin arrive in time to save the day?




*All I...*



Shhh. That was a pre-emptive shhh. Just to let you know I have a whole bag of shhh, with your name on it, Mr. Narrator. And Austin will not arrive this time. He is follishly searching my Secret Volcanic Lair.

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