*After picking up the new control agent, Orakio and Trunks arrive at the Cookout.*

We picked up the new agent.

Good. Everyone, can I have your attention please. Our new Control agent has arrived. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, my Olympic Hero, Kurt Angle!

It's true, it's true, your Olympic Hero has arrived!

Hey, who does dis sucka think he is?

Hey, if it isn't Mr. T. You want to have some milk with me?

Milk? Now you are talking. *Walks off with Kurt*

A true hero.

Who is Kurt Angle?

A true american hero. He won the Gold medals in the 1996 summer olympics in Wrestling. Kurt is now currently in the World Wrestling Federation. Well, actually, he is now with Control.

*Still a bit confused* What can he do for control?

What can't he do? Kurt, come over here!

*Walks over* Yes, Chief?

Show Selan what you can do.

To whom do you want me to do it to?

Maxim will be fine.

You are no match for the Dual Blade. *Reaches for the Dual Blade, and actually has it.*

*Grabs a steel chair and hits Maxim over the head with it, knocking Maxim down. Then procedes to reach for his ankle and twist it with all of his might.*

See Selan, the Steel Chair Shot, followed by the Ankle Lock. Welcome aboard, Kurt.

WOOOOOOOOOO! *Lets go of Maxim and raises his arms in the air*

Why am I the one that is always being picked on?

Because it is fun.


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(WWE - Kurt Angle's Theme)