*Just then, the area goes pitch black, and an evil voice emerges (as though you never saw it coming)*

What happened?

Voice: Bwahahahahaha!

Who are you?

Voice: You will know when I am frickin' good and ready.

That voice. It rings a bell.

Voice: Shut up, you washed up wrestler.

You know something. If you didn't cry so much over spilt milk, and drank it like I do, you wouldn't have a problem.

That's telling him, Kurt.

Voice: Shut up, all of you. You want to play games? I'm hip, I can dig it. So I tell you what. Bring your best 4 agents to the Gerudo Desert today, 3 male, and 1 female. Then we will see who laughs last. Bye! *voice fades away*

Ok, so what are we going to do now?

We will have to send our best agents over.

But who to send? Man, that is a tough one.

*To the audiance* As though you people don't know who we are going to send. Why else are you people here?

To see you, the great Chief of Control.

Oh thanks Orak. It almost brings a tear to my eye. *places feet up on the picnic table*

If you don't take your feet off the table, I will be getting a tear in my eye as well.

*Takes feet off the table* Sorry about that Orak. First off, go to Rune and have yourself outfitted with the right equipment.

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(WWE - Kane's Theme)