*At Rune's lab*

Ah, Orakio. What brings you here?

I am to head to The Gerudo Desert and fight some unknown but probably very evil force with 3 other people who I will just get in the way of.

Well, the sums it up. Well, I hate to say it, but some pink puff came by just the other day and swallowed my Flubber. So it will take me a while to mix up another batch.

Pink Puff? Kirby?


I thought he died.

I got better. And now I have Flubber power. Watch. *Jumps and then lands. He is then shot up to the ceiling and then back down. Up and down, up and down he goes.*

What were you thinking Kirby. The Flubber is our best weapon.

Sorry, but I got hungry.


Well, I was told to wait for the other 3 to come.

*Just then, 3 other Control Agents walk through the door.

Hey. I am back.

My first assignment. It's true, it's true!

Ah, Rune. It has been a while, has it not?

It has. I haven't seen you since I last revived you.

Well, I had to fight Alis Landale and Anna Kirski to get this spot.

Enough chit chat. Lets get equipped.

Ok Zero. I have upgraded your beam saber to a double-bladed beam saber, similar to that on Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. *Hands Zero the double bladed beam saber*

Thanks. But will this be enough? What is Erim revived Forte?

Well, I don't know. But I have a plan anyways. Just last long enough. Now, Alys.


Your slasher only has 2 blades on it. So I took 2 Moon Slashers and created a Moon Shuriken. 2 of them at that. *Gives Alys the Moon Shurikens*


What about me, Rune?

*Looks at Kurt* You're a wrestler. You don't need any weapons. Although what do you think of a steel chair?

Been there, done that. C'mon. I have used every weapon know to man.

Well, I have designed a speacial kind of milk. With 1 vial of this milk, you can possess the power of Mr. T, but it only works for 5 minutes before you are back to yourself. I call it "Go T milk'. *Hands Kurt a Vial of Go T milk*

Wow! A milk that does more than builds strong bones and strengthen teeth. Thanks man in the white coat.

The name is Rune. Now Orakio. I don't know what I can give you. Hopefully you have had enough training to catch up to Rulakir's speed.

Don't tell me that he has risen again.

He has risen again.

I told you not to tell me that.

Well, I can give you the secret weapon. We here at control have mimiced the power that only the chief carries. *Holds up a shoe* With this, my patented Shoe Bomb, just until the shoelace, throw, and then run like crazy. But only use it when you have worn them out. *Gives Orakio the Shoe Bomb*

Thanks Rune. Alrighty then. Lets head to the Gerudo Desert.

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(Phantasy Star IV - Phantasy Star Dungeon Arrangement 1)