*Somewhere within the Gerudo Desert*

So, where is this new Mr. Shorty?

*Taps Orakio's shoulder from behind* Right here.

You? *Laughs hysterically*

*Laughs hysterically*

What is so funny? It is not funny when I have something you want.

What? Mini Me?

No, Mini Me is right here. Come Mini Me!


Awww. Look at the little bugger. He's so cute.

*Body slams Orakio, followed by a series of punches to the face*

Ow! No more, please no more.

Hey, I never knew you wrestled. Well, get a load of this. *Picks up Mini Me and throws him into orbit*

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. *Disappears into orbit.

No one hurts my Mini Me. Time to get serious Orakio. RULAKIR!

I have arrived.

Oh gee. Here we go again.


I am back and better than ever. Come and get me, Zero!



Now who will be the one that fights me?

I believe that the honor of killing you goes to me.


Ah, at last. I will get control.

Not if I can help it.





Oops, sorry. Come Mr. Bigglesworth!




Yo, Mr. Evil.

That's DR. Evil.

Whatever. I just chased off a skinned cat. Was he yours?

What did you do to Mr. Bigglesworth?

Myau. When did you get in?

I flew in.


Can we continue?

I guess so.

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(Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Gerudo Valley)