*The battles begin.*

So, Orakio. You still have not found the power like I have. By now, I have about 4000 times the power you have.

Well my secret weapon has 5000 times more power than you have.

Impossible. I am the strongest being alive right now.

That is what Freeza said before he met Goku. That is also what Cell said before he met Gohan.

Ah, shut up. *Attacks Orakio*

Make me. *Attacks Rulakir*


Your reviving days are finished, Erim.

Says who?

*Punches Erim with amazing force, sending her in Mr. T's helluva far fashion*

*After landing, runs back and tries to attack Alys. But she is met but the 2 Moon Shurikens thrown by Alys*

*Somewhere else within the desert*

So Zero. You think you can defeat this awsome power?

Or die trying. *Gets out his double bladed beam saber*


So, you are the legendary Kurt Angle?

It's true, it's true. *Drinks the Go T Milk* Are you ready?

Ready for what?

This! *Gives Magus a Belly to belly suplex, sending him through the sand about 6 feet*

*After about 5 minutes, crawls up to the surface* What power!

*Grabs Magus's ankle and twists his ankle as hard as he can.*

OWWWWW! I give, I give! *taps the ground*

*Lets go* Woooooo! *Raises arms in victory*

*After about 2 hours of fighting (4 weeks if you are counting DBZ time) both parties go to their sides*

*huff* Well, Rulakir. *puff* I have you beat now!

*huff* You have shown *puff* some improvement. But not enough to beat me.

*huff* She has so much *puff* power.

*huff* Angle isn't even *puff* tired.

Zero was no match for me.

Yeah right. If we had to breath, you would be huffing and puffing along with them.

So would you.

*huff* Man, I have never *puff* fought like this before.

Wooooo! It's true, it's true. I am still the best!

Well, I have you now trapped. And I will let you go for.... *places pinky near mouth* 1 million dollars.

*Silence, followed by laughter, even by the SYCO side*

Oh, sorry. 100 Billion dollars!

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(Chrono Trigger - Unreleased Battle)