*Just then, as it looks hopeless for Control, Orakio remembers something*

Well SYCOs, it is time for us to part. *Gets out the Shoe Bomb*

*Looks at the Shoe Bomb* Oh, you are in trouble now.

What is he going to do, shoe us to death? Who throws shoes anyways? You fight like a woman.



Alys, Zero, Kurt, and you two Myau.


Run, now!

Don't need to tell me twice. *Runs off*

I'm outta here. *Runs off*

Normally, I don't run, but I will make an acception today. *Runs off*

I'm getting out of here. This is dangerous. *Runs off*

*Unties the lace and throws the Shoe Bomb then runs off. When it lands, it starts to leak a gasous fume.*

P.U. The force is *cough* strong in you my brother. *Surprisingly, (as though you didn't know this was going to happen) falls down dead*

*Starts to short circuit* What? My smell-o-meter is going too high. Danger, danger, about to blow! *Blows up*

What? Oh my! What power! *Runs away before she dies*

Not this time! I will return! *hobbles along behind Erim, due to the broken ankle that Kurt gave to him*

I will get you, Orakio. *Crawls in a manhole underneath him. A few minutes later, a rocket comes shooting up out of the desert sand*

*From afar, looks up* Wow! That looks like a really big...


Sorry about that. It looks like SYCO has failed again. Lets go back to HQ.

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(Final Fantasy 6 - Save Them!)