*At the medical wing of Control HQ*

There you go boys. You should be all better now.

Thank you.


So what happened?

Dr. Evil returned with a new type of Cyborg.

She is strong, fast, and powerful.

Strong, fast, powerful? Aren't Strong and Powerful the same?

Ok, maybe they are. But none the less, she saw that Magus and I were both making too many mistakes, thus tried to kill us.

Man, this sounds big. So what should we do?

The only thing to do is wait.

Yeah, I guess so. But something this strong, who would we have to help us?

Ah, our control agents will take her down.

I don't know. Vegeta even had a hard time with her.

He probably put his foot in his mouth one too many times.

I don't know about that, but after this cyborg was done, his foot was literally in his mouth.

Can you all see that now? Vegeta's foot in his mouth?

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(Final Fantasy 4 - Melody of Lute)