*Just then, the HQ starts to Shake*

Oh great, now what?

*Enters through the ceiling* It seems that you fools seem to laugh at me.

We choose to, yes.

Have you all forgotten what power I possess?

No, we remember it quite well.

Good, than I can make this short. I just want to clear this up that I was not at my best while fighting that cyborg.

Sure. Whatever.

You dare defy the fact that I have a cold?


I cannot even do a simple power surge. And since SYCO is giving my the short arm, I came here.

Well, we will be glad to take somebody of your power. Just don't get in the way of Mr. T.

Don't you think I know that? Where is he anyway?

Well, I think he went to have his Van inspected.

Good. Now that he is gone, I am the strong man here. Listen up, you are now under my control!




Vegeta. Remember that your son works here, as well as Goku.

Must have slipped my mind.

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(Dragonball Z Super Butouden 2 - Vegeta's Theme)