So Orak, is the football game still on?

Well, now I would like to make a few replacements.

Like who?

Replace Strago, Zelda, Myau, and Shir with Rulakir, Magus, Kurt Angle, and Vegeta.

Well, that would make it unbalanced then.

That is the way I like it.

Ah, it doesn't matter who you have. We will crush you anyways.

Not if I can help it. Lets list our advantages. We have Mario. High jumping is good recieving.

Goku. High flying is good recieving.

Kirby. Suction power means that he cannot be stopped.

But that also means that he will become the football.

Oh. Magus, Rulakir, and Vegeta. All strong men.

Mr. T. He is all I need.

Ok, I get it. We lose.

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(Shining Force CD - Main Theme)