*At the football game, at the Control Stadium, the Chief's Kiss Ups are set to square off against the Orakio's Orakians.*

Good name for your team, Orak.

Shut up, shoeman.

Announcer: The coin toss is about to take place, as referee Locke Cole steps onto the field. Team captains Mr. T and Kurt Angle step onto the field.

Ok men. *Checks pockets* Uh. Does anybody have a coin?

I don't carry coins, foo'.

I am not letting you toss my Olympic Medals.

Well we need something.

How 'bout this? *Picks up Locke and throws him into the air* Call it, Kurt.



*Lands head first onto the field, rear end sticking up* It's... tails.

We choose to kick.

Announcer: Well, after losing the coin toss, the Orakians recieve right off the bat by the call to kick by Mr. T.

You ready to lose, Orak?

I have a back up plan. Rune!

Yes Orak?

Are the plans set for Opperation: Fumble?

They are. Take a look at this. *shows a football* Chief's team will not be able to hold onto the ball. And, with your Quaterback being Raja, even he can throw a Hail Mary down the field.

Hail Mary? Oh wait, the prayer. I remember. Yeah, I think Raja could do that without the football.

...Orak. A Hail Mary is a really long pass.

Really? I should note that.

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(Warsong - Battle 1)