*Meanwhile, at SYCO HQ*

Bwahahahahaha. Control does not even see it.

See what? They are playing football.

What they do not see is the trap I have just set up.


Not that it is going to do any good telling you, my stooge. No, I just sent one of my agents over there to act as a double Agent.

A double agent? Do you think they see the trap?

I doubt it. Heck, I don't know if anybody can guess who my double agent is. *Looks around* Not even you, Austin Powers.

Do you really expect them to not see the trap?

No, Austin, my pathetic prisoner. I expect them to... die. Even if they do discover the Double Agent it will be too late. Control will already be infected by the virus, that is, unless they pay... 1 Million dollars!

...*tries to hold in laughter*

Oh. Sorry. 100 Billion dollars! Bwahahaha...Bwahahahaha... Bwahahahahaha!

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(Final Fantasy 6 - Kefka's Theme)