*Back at the football game*

Announcer: Oooo. What a hit. Mr. T tackled Mario pretty hard. And it looks like Zelda is coming out, again for the 7th time tonight.

Alright, Mario. *Puts him on the streatcher and wheels him to the sidelines.*

Announcer: Man, how many Orakians are injured?


Announcer: They only have 4 players left.

C'mon Orak. I know about that ball. It ain't working. Look at the score.

Your point? So we are down 63-0 on the first half. What is your point?

Nevermind. But I was just wondering something. Did any one of your players seem... wierd?

*Looks at his last remaining players, Vegeta, Magus, Rulakir, and Kurt Angle* Well, Kurt does seem to have a lot on his mind.

Rune just came to me and said that he found out that SYCO has sent over a Double Agent to get our Top-Secret information. We think it may be either Rulakir, Vegeta, or Magus.

I will talk to them. *Whistles* Magus, Rulakir, Vegeta! Get over here!

*Flies in* Now what?

*Walks in* Have you decided to throw in the towel?

*Flies in* Are you giving up like you usually do?

Um. No. Ok, I will get right to the point. Which one of you are double agents?





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(Shining Force 2 - Mountain Battle)