*About 5 minutes later...*

*huff* Well, you do possess some more power.

Rulakir. I am not even breaking a sweat. *Powers down* Uh oh.

What happened, milk run out?

So it did. What's it to you?

Hey, Orak. The 15 minutes are up. You guys spent 10 minutes talking, and another 5 fighting. We have backup.

Good. Crono has Magus beat, Vegeta has the others beat, and Rulakir is getting beat.

Am not!

Whatever. Send in the backup.

Did you expect someone else?

Not really. Vegeta is your target.

Yeah, I know. Where is dis foo'?

Oh crap. Not again.*Flies away*

Hey foo'! I hate flying!

I ain't done yet, Orak.

Don't worry, Orak. I have this covered. *Takes off his shoe and throws it at Rulakir*

Oh no. Not another shoe bomb. *The shoe leaks a green gas and Rulakir collapses*

Well, another life has been saved, just because Rune sold the Chief a shoe bomb.

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Langrisser 4 - Final Battle)