So what is new, Merl?

Where are you right now?

What kinda question is that? You called the top secret control phone.

Actually, I called your top secret boot phone.

No, I am on the control phone.

I dialed 555-5555

There is your problem. You have to dial 5 before the number.

Oh. So I had to dial 5-555-5555?

Yup. Without a 5 in front, you have control's phone.

Eight 5's. That's 40.

At least you can multiply. A relative of mine would call it 80.

Heh. Anyways, what are you doing for the hollidays?

Well, Control is just hanging out their decorations right now. Why do you ask?

Well, since this is your first Christmas here as a staff member, we would like you to come and be a part of it.

Well, I would hate to leave control like this.

There's free Moxie involved.

I'll take the next flight in.

I knew it. The whole gang will be waiting for you.

You mean Gram, Mom, and Dot Boy?


How about Good Boy, Oh Boy, and Atta Boy?

??? What you talkin' about?


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(Chrono Trigger - Zeal)