Hey, nice job on chaning the music, SG. Phantasy Star rocks man.

It had good music, and I knew that you would like it.

Anyways I have a gift for you Merl.

Really? What is it?

*takes out a bottle of milk* Rune told me to take this bottle of Go T! milk with me. If you drink this, for 5 whole minutes, you can actually pick up a piano. *gives the milk to Merlin*

*takes the milk and drinks it* Thanks. Lets see if it works. *goes near a piano and tries to lift it* man, are you sure this works?

Oh crap. Rune must have switched the Go T! milk with Goatae Milk.

You think? *looks down* AH! What is this on my chin?

A poorly drawn beard by yours truely.

You and your ideas. *goes off to the bathroom to shave*

I have to admit, that was pretty funny.

I will have to notify Rune about this. As for now, where is everybody?

Setting up for a secret plan.

Oh. That would figure.

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(Phantasy Star - Tower Remix)