*just then, a familiar figure crashes through the roof*

Oh dammit. Looks like I have another roof to fix.

Where is Orakio?

Nice hair dye, Orak? But why blonde? I thought you liked your dark hair.


You calling me an idiot?


Just checking, go ahead.

I thought I heard the voice of a high pitched evil being.

There you are!

Oh great. Two Orakios.

Merlin, this is my evil twin brother, Rulakir. And we are called Orakians.

It is sorta but not quite like me and Dark Macc.

Sorta, but I can kill Rulakir without being killed.

You are going to have to tell me how you do that. The best I can do is put Dark Macc under contract.

Enough with the small talk. Now without the aid of control, you are mine, Orakio!

I beg to differ.

Oh, a fight scene. Everybody, gather 'round the fight with Orakio and... ORAKIO?!!

I AM NOT ORAKIO! How dare you insult me.

Want me to fry him for you, Orak?

I have killed him 4 times before, I don't think this is going to be any different.

Yes it will.

No it won't.

Yes it will.

Yes it will.

No it won't.

See, I told you.

How can I be fooled like that twice in the same show?

Well.. *pulls out a chart with a picture of a brain on it* Your brain happens to be 2 sizes too small. Now *pulls out a chart with a picture of a much larger brain* if you look at the size of my brain...

psst. Orak. The one with the bigger brain says Rulakir.

psst. He don't know that.

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(Vay - Mega Battle)