Now if you don't mind, I would like to kill you now.

Try if you must, but remember that I got... Go T! milk!

psst. Orak. You have Goatae milk.

You mean the beard growing milk?


Oh fiddlesticks.

Hahahaha. Now, you shall all witness the death of Orakio.

... right... I have my support. Right? sure. GO ORAK!

Do it for us! B@ ing!

You fools have nothing. I am all mighty!

In the words of the Rock, Just bring it!

Um, Orak. Would this be a good time to tell you that...

Rulakir is doing some wierd crap.

Oh that? I wouldn't worry.

And why not?

Because you forget...

Ok, this is getting a little wierd.

I still don't believe Orakio can do that. It must be some trick with mirrors.

Hey, this is my show. I can do what I want.

Good point.

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(Gundam Wing: Endless Duel - Death Scythe)