Ok now *take out a list and check off 'Power Up', right above the words 'Kill Rulakir'* I believe I am all set.

Keeping score are we?

No, this is just on my 'to do' list. I got DG keeping score, with Kagon and Lunaris as the announcers, and Macc behind the camera so all the folks at Control can see me kill you again.

And... roll 'em.

Hello everybody. This is Kagon along side Lunaris.

Helo evrywon. This mtch is a fite to the deth. Winer tak all.

Lets check with Dragon God over at the scoreboard.

Thanks Kagon. The score is 0-0 in favor of Orakio.

... ok. Now, lets go to the fight.

You always make things out to be a competition, don't you Orak?

Just a broadcasting. Remember that Control is not here.

Good point. *starts his attack on Orakio*

*ducks the attack and punches Rulakir through a wall*

Ooooo. Giv one pont to Orak.

*marks down one tally for Orakio on the chalkboard*

Now lets go to our RPGClassics Cheerleaders.

Rah rah, siscombah! Orak, Orak, YAY ORAK!

*spins around in circles*

*plays 'Take me out to the ballgame' on the piano.*

You have no hope this time, Rulakir. You are on my home turf.

Indeed you have impoved. But... can you do this? *kicks Orakio in the chest*

Gonna have to give a point to Rulakir on that one.

*marks a tally for Rulakir on the chalkboard.*

*picks himself up* Yes, I can do that. Only better. *kicks Rulakir in the groin*

*falls on his knees* Oh, for the love of...

Gonna have to take a point away from Orak on that one. That was an obvious foul.

*takes away Orakio's tally on the chalkboard*

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(Lufia - Guard Daos Battle)