*back at the HQ, things are as crazy as usual.*

Where the hell is Orakio? He left for Skyhaven hours ago.

He'll be here. And if he isn't, he will have to answer to my wife.

Why would he have to do that?

I am going on vacation, that is why.

Have he had any news on SYCO?

Not since Christmas.

*walks in* I have some news on SYCO.

What is it?

It seems that Dr. Evil is missing, so SYCO is assigning a new Mr. Shorty to take control.

And... who is it?

Itsa me, Mario.



Mama mia. *jumps out a window*

What was that all about?

Probably he knew what was going to happen.

What WAS going to happen?

Weren't you ready to take off your shoe and throw it at him?

You mean these? *lifts up his foot to reveal a shoe with about 20 holes in it and a green mist coming out of it*

*starts to cry* X, are we suppost to have smelling sensors?

*cries as well* No, but that just shows how strong he is.

*from outside* Mama mia, thatsa spicy meataball.

Come now, it ain't that bad.

Listen here, chief. The Rock don't want to smell what you are cooking.

When did the Rock get in here?

Orakio decided that since Kurt Angle has gone bad, to replace him with the 2nd most electrifying man, with I guess the 1st being himself.

*raise the People's Eyebrow* Orakio? Who is that roody poo'?

Well... he is...


Well if we didn't see that one coming.

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(Lunar: Eternal Blue - Taben's Peak)