*somewhere in the fake world of videogames*

Uh. Could anybody tell me where Dr. Evil is?

How would I know? He left in that huge spaceship that looks like a...


My power grows dim. We have to find a way to win without having to revive Rulakir all the time.

I think that idea is done. I am not having you revive Rulakir again. He has messed up 5 times already.

Then who should we have lead. Dr. Evil is gone, Rulakir is dead, and Daos is as well.

I am surprised that you asked that. Let me introduce to you my boss, another Doctor. Dr. Wily!


I wondered when you were going to call me out, Forte.

Dr. Wily! Can I have your autograph? Just sign it, to Bowser, my special friend.

No you fuel. Now, down to business. We have attacked Control a numberous amount of times, trying to kill this one named Orakio.

And to no prevail.

I have erected a fort just north of where the old SYCO HQ used to be in Paseo. It is heavily guarded and if they attack, they will fail.

So, we threaten the world, then Control will come to try to stop us.

Exactly, and if they do decide to come in, I have prepared a few surprises for him.

Lemme at that Sonic.

Patients, you metalbrained nincompoop. First, we have to send out the call for them to attack. We will then kill Orakio. Then, we will take over the world. Hahahahahahaha!

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(Lunar: Eternal Blue - Ghaleon's Theme)