*back at control HQ*

Why do I have a funny feeling something bad is going to happen.

*telephone rings*

*answers* Hello?

*On the Phone* Hi Al. Its me, Peg.

AAAAH *hangs up the phone* I knew something bad was going to happen.

*telephone rings again*

*answers* Hello?

*On the Phone* Al,why did you hang up on me?

Because... uh... well... *hangs up the phone* Man *shudders*. What that woman has on her brain could scare Frankenstien.

*telephone rings yet again*

*answers* Listen Peg, for the last time, I am not coming home.

*on the other line* I don't care if you come home or not. This is not Peg, though I suppose I have been called worse.

Who are you?

I am Dr. Wily, the new leader of SYCO.

So X was right afterall. A new Mr. Shorty.

Hey, I am 6'3" you nimbrod.

You are not only short, but you are dislexic as well.

Shut up already. The reason I am calling is because I am about to take over the world.

You have failed like almost 10 times before, why would I believe you?

Because I have built a machine that will sap the power out of Orakio, and not even he can save the world once his energy is sapped from it. Come and stop us if you dare. *hangs up*

Damn, first Peg calls, then Wily. *shudders* This day has gone right to hell. Better get Rune here.

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(Lunar: Eternal Blue - Pentagulia)