*at control labs*

So, Wily has returned.

AAAAAAHHH *crashes through a window*

About time you show up, Orak.

Mr. T threw me to the right place. He seems to be trapped in Skyhaven, and Noah won't let him go.

Any luck?

I took a test to become a Shining Knight before I entered, but I haven't got the results back yet.

You? A legendary Shining Knight? *points and laughs at Orakio*

Ah shaddup.

Orak, we need your help again.

*sigh* As always.

Dr. Wily is now the leader of SYCO, and has challenged us to storm his fort and defeat him.

Piece of cake. With my Super Orakian abilities, he is no match for me.

Unfortunatly, you may be wrong. Wily has created a divice to sap your power and use it for himself. I have nothing to defend you from it.

I am not worried. Now, anything you have for me?

The Softball Bomb/bat.

I love things that go boom.

This softball actually has more power than the Bowling Bomb. To detonate it, you hit it with the bat and in 5 seconds, the ball explodes.

So, I take the ball *holds the softball* and the bat *holds the bat* and I hit it *hits the ball with the bat* and in 5 seconds it will detonate?

*catches the softball, which explodes and leaks a gray gas. Falls down to the ground and starts sucking his thumb.*


Is is suppost to do that?

No. You took the baby softball. That is still not tested and the results are... well, you see it.


*does baby talk to the chief* Does chiefy wiefy need a nappy wappy?



Just take it and go. X and Zero will accompany you.

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