*at the entrance to Wily's castle, somewhere north of Paseo*

You should know a lot about this, X.

Not really. That was my ancestor, Rock, who did this.

Did someone mention me?

How did you get here, Rock?

The Rock doesn't need to answer to you.

I guess not. Now how do we get in?

Do we get to blow up the door again?

I guess we have to.

*from inside looking out a window* No you fuel. Don't blow up my door! I'll let you in.

Can I do the honors again?

Sure. *hands Zero the bat and ball*

*throws the ball up and swings for it, but misses. He tries again and misses. And again, and again, and again.*


Gee, for a guy who is good at bowling, you sure suck at Softball.

*gives the ball/bat to X* You try it then, but believe me, it is not as easy as it looks.

*bats the ball up and down with the bat, like Tiger Woods and a golfball* say what now?

You jabroni! Hit the ball over that way!

*Hits the ball which on contact to the door, blows up*

*from inside* This has to be the stupidest bunch of people I have seen.

Ok, should we head for the basement or the top floor?



The Rock says Top.

Ok, bottom it is.

The Rock says that he'll Rock Bottom you to the bottom if you don't go to the top.

Just teasing. Man, lighten up rock.

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(Mega Man X - Sigma's Fortress 1)