*inside the fortress*

Pretty quiet in here.

That is odd, I was expecting a huge rush of his robots to attack us.

If only Rock was here with us.

The Rock is here with you.

Not you, you overgrown pebble.

*raises the People's Eyebrow, then gives X the Rock Bottom through about 3 floors.

Great. Rock and X are now at the bottom floor.

Did you see that one coming?

*at the bottom floor*

Ouch man.

The Rock says know your role and shut your mouth you poor excuse for a toaster.


Don't go Stone Cold on me now.


*raises the People's Eyebrow*

*from above* Well be down to get you. As soon as we find a way.

*from below* No need. *blasts Rock and X*

*collapses, then disappears*

Come to the top if you wish to see them again. *disappears*

To the top, huh? Zero, set course for the top.

What do I look like, a sea man?

Don't make me answer that.

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(Mega Man VII - Intro Stage)