*working their way up, Orak and Zero stop for a quick break.*

Why didn't Wily make an elevator. He knows that I am scared of stairs.

But who would have told him that you are?

*voice* Perhaps me.

Yes, perhaps you.

You who?





??? Who said that?

I did. *casts Megid on Zero, knocking him out*


Since I never was revived, I had to come back in ghost form.

So how am I suppost to hurt a ghost?

That is not my problem.

Heh. Are you still mad at me for the 5 times I killed you?

Yes. But this time, your Super Orakian Powers do you little good.

I refuse to let you win.

How do you expect to defeat me?

*gets out his Cell Phone*

Who you gonna call?

Ghostbusters! *starts to dial the number to Ghostbusters.*

NOOOOOOOOO! *runs away*

Hello, Sonny's Pizza? Have a meat lover's pizza ready for me back in Maine.

*on the other line* Itsa not Sonny, itsa me, Mario.


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(Mega Man II - Skull Castle 1)