*at the top floor*

Finally, I made it to the top.

Ah, you finally make it here.

That is what I just said.

And I see that you come alone.

No, you just had your jabronis take out Rock, X, and Zero.

Rock is here?

Yes, and he is about to lay the smackdown on you.

I doubt that.

So do I. So, what do you have in store for me tonight?

*Ducks behind his desk.*

This is no time for Hide and Seek.


Holy cow!

Hahahaha. You think you can stop me now?

*fearful laugh* Not really.

This is my Orakian Power machine. I have already detected Rulakir's presence, and he is already inside. Now all that is missing is your power.

It ain't gonna happen.

And why not?

Is that suppost to impress me?

Yes it is. *casts Megid on the machine*

*absorbs the power and shoots it back at him, twice as powerful*

*is knocked back about 20 feet*.

Is that the best you have?

*runs up to the machine and starts to slash away at it, but doesn't even leave a dent.*

*grabs Orak's black blade and snaps it in two*

*gasp* That sword was the strongest in this universe.

Hahahaha. Now, feel the power of my Sap Ray. *shoots a huge beam at Orak*

*dodges the attack* You will have to do better than that.

So, you are too quick for my ray. Let see how this works. *presses a button*

*Is strapped to powerful Laconian chains* Damn, Laconia

There is no stopping me now. DIE!!! *shoots a beam at Orakio*

*the beam enters the body and takes away all the power away from Orak, leaving him at a weakened state*

Forte! Put him in the dungeon until I see him again. I want to kill him with his own powers.


*picks him up and carries him to the dungeon.*

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(Super Smash Bros. Melee - Hyrule Temple)