*a few days later, and still in the dungeon*

*wakes up* What happened?

Dr. Wily has successfully taken your powers. Now it is only a matter of time before the world is his.

Me....gid... *raises hands, but only smoke comes out*

Hahaha. There is no stopping SYCO now.

If only Control could save me.

Oh yes, and about control. They are our first target.


Now look who is going Stone Cold on us.

Um... uh... LOOK BEHIND YOU!

I am not falling for that trick.

I am serious. Look behind you.


*slashes Forte with the black blade, destroying him*


I see that you are in some trouble.

I have no power left. Perhaps you can help me.

Yeah right. All I can do is slash and repair your sword.

Then why are you here?

Skyhaven has accepted you as a member of the Shining Knights. They told me to bring you the equipment of a Shining Knight, which has powers of its own.


Stone Cold again? Anyways, they say that you have ZERO power left, and that you must keep the armor on at all times, or else you will die.

*takes the armor and white sword* Thanks. You can keep my old black blade.

Thank you. *unlocks Orak's cell*

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