Hey Orak.

Hey Ack. I see you are making use of my sword.

Not really.

What are you doing here?

I can't remember. *thinks for about 5 minutes* Oh yes, the chief wanted to see you.

I kinda figured. *walks away*

Hey, don't leave me here! It's scary here at HQ.

Hello Ackbar.

Ah! Its Stone Cold! *runs*

Hey, get back here.

*returns* What? *runs again*

*laughs at Ackbar*

*at the Chief's Office*

About time you show up, Orak.

Sorry chief. What is it that you wanted?

I just got word that Dr. Evil has returned.

Surprise surprise.

But, he says that he wants to make a trade. His prisoner for ours.

Ok, but what would he want with Janet Reno?

Dr. Wily you nimbrod!

Dr. Wily? Who is his prisoner?

We don't know. Somebody from the past is all I can figure out.

*thinks to himself* Could it be me?.. Nah.

I don't want to be suckered, so we are going to have to deny his offer.

Hang on. Lets see who he has first. I'll call him up. *takes off his boot and starts to tear at the sole of it*

Uh, Orak...

Not now chief. I am trying to get my Boot Phone to work. *rips the sole*

You have the wrong boot.


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(Lunar: Eternal Blue - Taben's Peak)