*on the phone with SYCO*

Hello, Dr. Evil?

What do you want you little twirp?

We talked it over about the deal. We want to know who you have for a prisoner.

You won't know unless we make the deal.

Why can't you be nice?

Because I am.... evil!


You don't believe me? Beware the ides of march.

This is April.

Shoot. Hell then, just watch your back.

It is physically impossible to watch your own back.

Gah! *hangs up phone*

*shrugs shoulders* Whazup wit dat? *tries to look at his back but ends up spinning in circles.*

What did he say?

He said to watch my back, so that is what I am doing.

That looks like fun. *joins in*


*stops* What do you want?

It is about the Prisoner. It has escaped.

Janet Reno escaped! AHHHHH *runs*

She means Dr. Wily. What happened?

I was watching over him then all of a sudden, a bald headed short man came in and dug a hole in the floor with a spoon. I tried to stop them, but Orak forgot to leave the Keys.


That must be Mini Me.

That is not all. Dr. Wily had a blue shard with him. It looked like it could cut a tough steak.

My power! He had a shard all along! I'm going to kill him now.

Wait a minute. You mean one of the eight shards was under our very noses?

I am afraid so.

I'm gonna kill him.

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(Final Fantasy III - Castle of Hyne)