*a few days later inside the prison*

*sigh* How could this happen?

I have no idea. When 2 evil geniuses combine their brain, there is nothing much we can do.

There isn't a way to stop the Eviserator?

I don't know. Ask Orak. He is the brain behind Vay.

The only thing I can think of is the Armor of Vay.

...right... What is the Armor of Vay?

A huge suit of armor with extreme powers.

How would we get the Armor from here?

I could try to get a hold of Sandor.

How? They took everything.

I guess we would have to get out of here first.

Exactly how?

Well, we could say that I am dying from Food Poisoning. While the guard is checking to see if I am dead, you guys hit him over the head with... uh... something and run.

And how do we convince that? *points to the Eviserator*

Face it, we are trapped without any hope.

If only I could get that Shard back.

We have to defeat Wily and Dr. Evil to do so.

I just remembered something.


If you look closely, they didn't destroy the dungeon, just the rest of the HQ.

What is your point?

Since we have only 1 cell in the dungeon, there must be a way out.

Oh yes. I know.

What is it?

*pokes around the floor* Ah ha! *lifts up a stone panel and reveals a hole*

How did you know about this?

Don't tell me you have forgotten already?

Forgotten what?

Orak, this is how Wily escaped. Knowing that Wily never fixes his escape route, the Chief remembered this and found the panel.

Wow. To think a Shoe Salesman figured this out all by hims...


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(Chrono Trigger - Sealed Door)