*Inside the new SYCO HQ*

Gah! How could they have escaped?

Someone forgot to cover their escape route

Shut up you! *over the intercom* Red alert, red alert! Escapees heading south to Lorath.

Uh, where's Lorath?

How the hell would I know? This is the fantasy world, anything is possible.

Oh. Get me the President of the United States of America!



I ain't even going to bother. Summon the Eviserater!

*a few minutes later*


Go get Orakio before he finds some way to destroy us.

*beep* Grr. *Walks through a wall*


Grrr. *walks back into the building through another wall. He picks up the door and carries outside, walking through yet another wall*

Why couldn't my machines have any brains?

*somewhere outside*

How much further to Lorath?

How the hell would I know? You are the only one here who has played Vay.

I guess so.

Where are the rest of the agents?

I told them to flee to a small cave in the middle of an island. I call it the Island Cave.

There are tons of islands with caves. All of them are called the Island Cave.

Did I say anything to you?



*a rumbling is heard, followed by a small tremor*

I have a bad feeling about this.

So do I. And all I have left is the handle to my sword.

*pulls his out* So do I.

I wish those mechs had noses. My shoe bomb would come in handy.

*another rumble and a larger tremor*

Damn, this is close. Get ready.

Uh, what should we get ready for? We can't fight back.

Don't you still have your gun-arm?

Yes, but the last time it didn't even leave a dent on it.

We're screwed.

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(Vay - Mega Battle)