*walks up to them and slams the door to the ground* Grrr.

I just thought of something.

Do I want to hear this?

You have no choice.

*Slashes at Orak*

*ducks* What is your idea? *avoids another attack*

With that armor on, you are a SUPER ORAKIAN! Just blast him with Megid or something.

Now why didn't I think of that?

Because you are a bit on the slow side.

Who is this?

Sandor! How did you find us?

The tremors gave away the possision of the Eviserater.

Grrr. *slashes at Sandor*

*pulls out the Vay Blade and starts to fight* So, I thought I might give a hand.

Anything we can do?

Nope, I've got it. *slashes the Eviserater right down the middle, cutting it into 2 pieces*

Grrrr *beep, beeeeeep* rrrr. *shuts down*

Holy cow. How did you do that?

This armor once lay waste to my planet. So now I have it.

Do you think we can go back and defeat Wily and Evil with your help.

It is worth a try. But you need your sword back.

How are we going to get that?

Storm HQ and grab them. Not too hard.

Anyways, you guys about ready?

I hope so.

Good. Lets go.

And so Sandor joins the party

A party? Not now, we have work to do.

He means I join your group.

Who is doing the narrating anyways?

Itsa me, Mario.

Go away.

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(Vay - Boss)