And so, Orakio, the Chief, Zero, and Sandor all headed backa to SYCO HQ

I thought I told you to go away.

Why don't you make-a me?

*casts Megid on Mario*

Mama Mia! *runs away* Here I gooooooo!

God bless you Orak.

Look, there's SYCO HQ!

So this is SYCO HQ?

Do I have to repeat myself?

Please do.

Look, there's SYCO HQ!... HAPPY NOW?

Not yet.

You poor excuse for a hero.

You poor excuse for a zero.


Alright you two.

*inside the HQ*

Ha, I knew they would come back!

Who is that other person beside them?

I don't know, but how did they get past the Eviserater?

Ha ha! Your plans don't work.

Why don't you try this then?

Alright, I will. Get me... the GIGATRON!

*beep* Gigatron ready for battle.

Now why didn't I think of him?

Because you are not.... evil.

Of course I am evil you numbskull.

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(Shining Force III - Asbria Bridge Battle)